Endless Ride Cable (ERC) was established to provide quality and affordable wakeboard cable systems that are manufactured right here in the United States. We strive to provide total customer satisfaction through exceptional service and support. Our team will guide you through every step of cable system ownership: from determining your site specs, to the set-up process, to the maintenance of your cable system, whether for personal or commercial wakeboarding. ERC Systems are engineered to last, but in the event of a needed repair, most parts used in your ERC System can be purchased locally, while specialty parts are available and kept in stock at ERC.

Wakeboarding and wakeskating is our passion too, so you can depend on ERC Systems to deliver your wakeboard experience on time and with a smile. That's how it's done at Endless Ride Cable Systems.

Thank you for your patience while we construct a new website that will include full details on our wakeboard cable systems, the ERC Advantage, site requirements and customer testimonials. If you already know that you want the best Wakeboard Cable System available now, contact us today to place your order and get ready to ride.

Contact us at Sales@EndlessRideCable.com

95% of all parts available at Grainger

ERC at BSR Wake Park